My love for photography came from my father.  We were from a very humble family in Brazil, and my father supported our family as a street photographer.   I remember when I was about 5 to 6 years old; he used to walk the streets of Brasilia pulling a donkey painted with zebra stripes.   The kids waited in line for a chance to be photographed atop of the” mini zebra”.   Every Saturday, he would take me along and between pictures; I would ride Nero, the zonkey.  I have sweet memories about that time.

I started my career as a real-estate photographer maybe because most the people I know are in the real-estate business. However, in 2012 I started to photograph people and something magical happened.  I became fascinated with the interaction between photographer and subject and it was the turning point in my career.

I am specialized in head shots and portraits.  My clientele is mostly executives, professionals, models and actors/actresses.  I also do real state photography and events.

I understand exactly how my clients feel when they get in front of a camera. Many people, even those with confidence can feel uncomfortable when photographed.

When people are too concerned about the way they will look is hard to get genuine expressions of them and the result is a face that looks blank, and it is my job to overcome this problem.

At my studio, the environment is always very friendly and relaxing. More than photographs, I want my clients to have an experience. During the photo session, my goal is to bring my client’s style and personality to life.  The result is a portrait that makes a statement.